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Here you can find out what I will be doing and where I have put my energy, passion, creativity, and effort. It’s about being on a path with heart.  Activism and individuation (to find a meaningful, inner directed, chosen life-path) come together when the choices we make express who we are and who we are becoming. Once we believe that there is a purpose to life and that we have a soul, then what we do with our life, matters. Archetypes, dreams and synchronicities provide depth and direction, especially during times of transition when one phase of life shifts into the next. When soul and purpose come together, when we follow a path with heart, then we are on course.

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I have been an advocate for a 5th World Conference on Women since 2002 when I went to the UN with women as a member of the Millionth Circle Initiative that had been inspired by my book The Millionth Circle. Up until going to India this spring, I knew that there needed to be such a conference, the first since Beijing 1995.  After going to Delhi, India, I have an inner certainty that there will be such a conference in 2022, to be organized in India and part of a rising tide of women and feminism. Women are rising, marching, forming circles, running for office, and more. If the momentum continues, women may be ushering in a Decade of the Woman, maybe even a Century of the Woman! 


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With love, hope, perseverance, trust and gratitude,

@2019 Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D.

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