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Jean's Past Webinars & Events



October 16-18, 2021: The 8th Parliament of World Religions

       hosted for the first time virtually, will bring together people of

       faith from around the world in an instant.


October 6, 2021: Emerging from the Pandemic: Pause and Noticing

       the Gifts of Liminal Space sponsored by Women's Perspective:

       Liminal Conversation with Gloria Steinem & Jean Shinoda Bolen


August 21-28, 2021: Women’s Wisdom Retreat: Feathered Pipe Ranch


June 25, 2021: The Gifts of Liminal Space with Nancy Napier, Moderated by

       Rosemary Williams

June 17, 2021: Guest on Global Read Program "Like a Tree" with

       Kate Trinka (Charter for Compassion)

May 6, 2021: Heart Wisdom in the Coronavirus Crisis  with authors Stephen

       Post, Kim Colegrove, Sherry Richert Belul  and Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen

April 22, 2021: Our Intrinsic Values and Gifts: The Goddess Archetype

      Webinar with Dr. Carmen Boulter, Hosted by Brenda Guston 

       Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of The Mother’s Day Proclamation by

      Julia Ward Howe

April 25, 2021: Dawning of the Age of Equality, Dick Dalton Radio Show

April 14, 2021 Inside Edge Presentation: Trees and Us: Symbiosis


March 26, 2021: Like a Tree (Free Webinar)

March 23, 2021: The Fierce Awakened Woman: Catching Fire

       Hosted by Jean Baljko (video)

March 21, 2021: General Conference of Women with Jean Shinoda Bolen 

      and Clare Dubois (founder of Tree Sisters)

March 6, 2021: Book Passage Bookstore Conversation between

       Jean Shinoda Bolen and Terry Tempest Williams

March 3-7, 2021: Felicidad, Inspiración y Pasión Summit


Feb. 26-27, 2021: Jung Society of Utah:

       Lecture: Catching Fire: Imagination, Creativity, Activism

       Workshop: Your One Wild and Precious Life

Feb. 18, 2021: Women’s Perspective Conversation between Jean and

       Nina Simons: The Gifts of Liminal Space and Time


Jan. 13, 2021: Association for the Study of Women and Mythology (ASWM):

       Scholar Salon: Like a Tree: How Trees, Women, and Tree People

       Can Save the Planet

Jan. 10, 2021: Keynote: Transformation or Decline? The Global Pandemic Crisis

       and Personal Second Half of Life Parallels


Women's Wisdom Summer Retreat

with Jean Bolen & Monika Wikman


"Crisis as a Turning Point: The Gift of Liminal Time

TEDx San Rafael Women

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