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Past Events: 2002-04

2004 Events:

Jan. 30, 2004: San Rafael, CA: Open Secret Bookstore: Talk & Book Signing:

            Crones Don’t Whine: Concentrated Wisdom for Juicy Men & Women

Feb. 21-22, 2004: San Francisco: Northern California Psychiatric Assn (NCPS)

Theme: Pain Management/End of Life Care:
Lecture: Life Threatening Illness as a Turning Point for the Psyche

March 2, 2004: San Francisco, CA: UCSF Center for Gender Equity:

            Lecture: The Grail and the Goddess: A Healing Story for Psyche & Planet

March 5-7, 2004: Charleston, S.C., Phoebe Pember House Retreat Center:

The Wasteland and the Healing Grail: A Workshop about the Sacred Feminine for Men & Women

March 11, 2004: San Francisco, CA: UCSF Osher Lifelong Institute:

Theme: In Conversation with USCF Authors.

March 14, 2004: Corte Madera, CA: Book Passage Bookstore:

Talk & Book Signing: Goddesses in Everywoman: Powerful Archetypes in Women’s Lives

March 26, 2004: Washington, DC: Society for Jungian Psychology:

Lecture: Spirituality, Synchronicity and the Sacred Feminine

March 27, 2004: Alexandria, VA: Institute for the Advancement of Service (IAS)

Workshop: The Grail & the Goddess: A Healing Story for Psyche & Planet

March 28, 2004: New York 92nd Street YMCA: Panel Workshop: Juicy Living After 50

Panelists: Dayle Haddon, Jane Juska, Letty Cottin Pogrebin and Jean Shinoda Bolen

April 3, 2004: Oakland, CA: North California Japanese Christian Church Federation (DOMEI)

Lecture: Goddesses, Crones and Circles of Compassion

April 3, 2004: Pleasanton, CA: Towne Center Books:

Talk & Book Signing: Goddesses, Crones and Women’s Circles

April 14-17, 2004: San Francisco, CA: American Society of Aging & National Council on the Aging Joint Conference:

Lecture & Book Signing: The Crone: Archetypal Source of Wisdom in Juicy Women and Exceptional Men:  Panel: Goddess Culture and Female Archetypes

April 19-26, 2004: Brazil: Book and lecture tour for Portuguese edition of The Millionth Circle

May 21-23, 2004: Santa Barbara, CA: Pacifica Graduate Institute:

Workshop: Goddesses and Gods in Everyone: Sources of Meaning and Causes of Conflict

June 3-6, 2004: Atlanta, GA: Joseph Campbell Centennial Conference Lecture

Sponsored by Mythic Journeys & Emory University’s Center for Myth & Ritual in American Life. Workshop: The abduction of Persephone: A Myth that Parallels Life and the Potential for Transformation

June 11-13, 2004: Sedona, AZ: Retreat Weekend:

Women’s Wisdom and the Sacred Feminine Sponsored by A Woman’s Way

July 29-30, 2004: New York Center for Jungian Studies:

Jung on the Hudson Seminar: The Archetype of Home. Thursday & Friday Class taught by Jean.

Sept. 12, 2004: Sacramento, CA: Sponsored by Healing Journeys

Keynote: Cancer As a Turning Point: From Surviving to Thriving

Oct. 15-17, 2004: Irving, TX:

Gather the Women Congress Weekend Meeting


List of 2003 Events:

Jan 31-Feb. 2, 2003:: Walnut Creek, CA: Women of Vision & Action: Gather the Women Retreat

Theme: Sourcing Magnificence: Renewing the Feminine Within
Friday Keynote: Goddess Archetypes & Sacred Circles: Becoming Ourselves, Changing the World

Feb. 23, 2003:: Corte Madera, CA: Golden Gate Center for Spiritual Living Speaker Series:

            Lecture: We are Spiritual Beings on a Human Path

March 1-9, 2003: Jung in Ireland Conference: A Rich Tapestry: Mid-Life & Beyond

Lecture: We are spiritual Beings on a Human Path
Tues. Workshop: Cauldron & Goddess: the Divine Feminine in Ireland and Inner Life
Wed. Workshop: Greening of the Soul: Guided Meditation & Pilgrims’ Tales
Friday Lecture: Close to the Bone: Life Threatening Experiences & the Search for Meaning

March 29, 2003: San Francisco: UC Berkeley Program: Women’s Lives: Women’s Wisdom

            Lecture: Goddess Archetypes & Women’s Circles: The Millionth Circle

April 4-6, 2003: Saugerties, NY: Miriam’s Well Weekend Retreat

            Theme: Wellsprings of the Soul: Archetypal & Sacred Sources of Meaning & Healing

            Friday Lecture, Saturday and Sunday Workshops

April 25-26, 2003: Malaspina University, Duncan, BC: Women & Wisdom Conference

            Lecture: The Millionth Circle Initiative

April 30, 2003: San Francisco, CA: UCSF: Center for Gender Equity Public Service Program

            Lecture: Goddess Archetypes & Sacred Circles: Becoming Ourselves, Changing the World

July 12-13, 2003: Seattle, WA: University of Washington Conference for People Touched by Cancer:

Keynote on Sunday: Transforming Ourselves and Our World

July 25-27, 2003: Santa Barbara, CA: Weekend Workshop:

Wellsprings of the Soul: Archetypal and Sacred Sources of Meaning and Healing.

Nov. 14-15, 2003: Bozeman, MT: Friends of Jung’s Bozeman Chapter

Lecture & Workshop


List of 2002 Events:

April 22, 2002: Seattle, WA: Elliot Bay Bookstore:

Talk & Book Signing: Goddesses in Older Women

April 23, 2002: Seattle: University of Washington Bookstore

Talk & Book Signing: Goddesses in Older Women

April 24, 2002: Portland, OR: Annie Bloom’s Books

Talk & Book Signing: Goddesses in Older Women

April 25, 2002: Corvallis, OR: Grass Roots Bookstore

Talk & Book Signing: Goddesses in Older Women

April 27, 2002: San Anselmo, CA: Oliver’s Bookstore

Talk & Book Signing: Goddesses in Older Women

May 2, 2002: Berkeley, CA: Black Oak Bookstore:

Talk & Book Signing: Goddesses in Older Women

May 3, 2002: Menlo Park, CA: KARA: Community Grief Support for Children & Adults Annual Conference:

Theme: Connection to the Heart: Loss & Recovery
Workshop: Turning Point for the Soul

May 10-11, 2002: New Orleans, LA: Jung Society Program
May 10 Lecture: The Millionth Circle: Transforming Ourselves & the World

            May 11 Workshop: Goddesses in Older Women: Archetypes & Juicy Crones

May 18, 2002: Corte Madera, CA: Book Passage Bookstore:

            Talk & Book Signing: Goddesses in Older Women

Aug. 1-2, 2002: Rhinebeck, NY: Jung on the Hudson Seminar: The Bright Side of Shadow
           Lecture: God in Dark Places: Uncovering Soul in the Underworld

Aug. 17, 2002: Guerneville, CA: River Reader Bookstore: Talk & Book Signing
           Goddesses in Oder Women

Sep. 13-14, 2002: Kansas City, MO: Friends of Jung Event
           Friday Lecture: Goddesses in Older Women
           Saturday Workshop: Psychology and Soul Work: The Quest for Meaning

Sep. 20-21, 2002: Northern Michigan Hospital: Women’s Wellness Program
           Friday Lecture: Goddess Archetypes & Women’s Circles
           Saturday Workshop: Psychotherapy as Soul Work: A Jungian Perspective

Sep. 26-29, 2002: McClellan CA, The Labyrinth Society International Gathering
           Friday Keynote: The Mysterious Labyrinth & Its Possible Meanings
Oct. 9-13, 2002: Unity in Duality XI Congress Conference: Opened by the Dalai Lama

            Jean gave morning Keynote and Afternoon Workshop

Nov. 23-24, 2002: Washington, DC: American Art Therapy Assn. Conference
           Theme: Common Ground: Strength in Diversity
           Saturday Keynote: Soul is the Common Ground: Healing, Creativity, Compassion &


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