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Sharing Quotes from Anam Cara

Recently I picked up my well-read copy of Anam Cara and on reading through my under-linings I decided to share a few of my favorites:

Anam is the Gaelic word for soul; cara is the word for friend. . . a person to whom you could reveal the hidden intimacies of your life. This friendship was an act of recognition and belonging. .. a friend of your soul.”

“The body is in the soul: this recognition confers a sacred and mystical dignity on the body.”. .(and/but)  “It is in and through your body that your soul becomes visible and real for you. You body is the home of your soul on earth.”

“The heart is the inner face of your life. The human journey drives to make this inner face beautiful. It is here that love gathers within you. Love is absolutely vital for  a human life. For love alone can awaken what is divine within you. . . When you learn to love and to let your self be loved, you come home to the hearth of your own spirit. You are warmed and sheltered."

“Presence is the way a person’s individuality comes toward you. Presence is the soul texture of the person.”

“The Celtic mind had a wonderful respect for the mystery of the circle and the spiral.”

“Deep within, there is a gallery of different selves. Each one of these figures expresses a different part of your nature.” 

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