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with Jean Shinoda Bolen
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As storytellers, we have always used myths and archetypes as tools to deepen our human experience. Ancient folks used symbols and paintings on the wall. Although some argue that we are living at a time where there is an “absence of myth” we still use different mediums to relay stories be it through literature or TV shows.
How about in your life? How are you showing up and experience your life? Do you often wonder what type of mythological character you embody?

In this episode we talk to Jean about how to find purpose in the second half of life, discovering our inner archetypes, and how children can carry the un-lived parts of their parents.

I responded to this invitation to be interviewed, intrigued by the name of the series and found I dropped in to a "soul space” with the two interviewers (a man and a woman) in a spontaneous conversation. The result was a three way conversation that drew out of me talk on subjects such as: What really matters. Poetry. Positive marginality.  Living our personal myth (individuation); which is about who we were meant to be, the possibilities that allow or oppose development, family, culture, and the time in which we are living.  ~ Love, Jean

@2019 Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D.

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