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It began with an "AHA!" that led me to write The Millionth Circle (hundredth monkey, millionth circle—Bingo!). The book seeded circles with a sacred center. inspired the Millionth Circle Initiative, brought me to the UN in 2002, and led to my advocacy for a UN 5th World Conference on Women (5WCW), the first since Beijing 1995 and internet communication.

Jung’s collective unconscious and Rupert Sheldrake’s morphic field theory provides an understanding of how deep change happens at the archetypal level. Soul journey, individuation, “assignment.”

The book is available on Amazon

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  • Writer's pictureJean Shinoda Bolen

The Process of Evolutionary Change in Individuals and Humanity

One thousand years ago, the unfinished story of wounded Fisher King, the Wasteland, and the mysterious Grail absorbed the storytellers of the eleventh century. The wheel of the beginning of the 21st Century, humanity and planet are in crisis: Chinese pictograph for Crisis combines two characters: Danger + Opportunity. Patriarchy has brought humanity and the planet to the brink of destruction, at the same time that humanity could be at the threshold of evolutionary psychological and spiritual transformation with the emergence of the feminine. When new life is emerging through the birth canal, the most dangerous phase is called “transition.” This is where we are now.

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Liminal defines the time in-between what was and what next. All of us go through significant liminal times in our lives many times, sometimes alone, sometimes with others. From childhood on, major events happened to us or we made decisions that were life-affecting or life altering. There is no going back to "what was" when significant relationships are disturbed, or family, work, education, health, religion, are deeply affected.

Usually liminal experiences are personal. But In the past two years of the pandemic, “liminal” has affected everyone with differences only in degree. Death, isolation, hostility, loneliness, despair, suicide, addictions—are a range of negative responses. But for others, especially, those spiritual and creative people who are economically and physically safe and are aware of privilege and humility the question of what to do now and what next can be deeply provocative of individuation. In this liminal time it is worthwhile for us to do some inner work to examine if we are becoming who we were meant to be.

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