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Liberating the Goddesses in You

Reveal Your Life's Purpose, Elevate Your Self-Awareness and Become the Woman You Were Destined to Be By accessing

Your Inner Goddess Archetypes.


Audio Download from The Shift Network: Thriving in Your Third Act

Liminal Like the Moon: Third Phase of the Waning Moon

Jean as part of the Shift Network's program: Thriving in Your Third Act: Finding fire & Fulfillment after 50.

Liminal Like the Moon: Third Phse of theWaning MoonJean Shinoda Bolen, MD
00:00 / 42:33

Audio Download from The Shift Network: Thriving in Your Third Act

Finding Fire & Fulfillment in Your 40s, 50s & Beyond

Jean as part of the Shift Network's program: Thriving in Your Third Act: Finding fire & Fulfillment after 50.

DreamworkSummit2018-1115-0900-JeanShinodJean Shinoda Bolen, MD
00:00 / 39:11

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Audio Download from Sounds True (Unabridged audiobook read by the author)
LIKE A TREE (Read by Jean)

If you've ever admired a tree for its simple beauty, appreciated its cool shade, or loved climbing up its large trunk and branches, you are part of a deeply rooted tribe that Jean Shinoda Bolen calls "tree people." In Like a Tree, this bestselling author and Jungian analyst invites us to explore our sacred relationship to these magnificent plants, and uncover the hidden wisdom they have to offer. Drawing on her own walking practice among the giant redwoods, and as an advocate for a Fifth World Conference on Women at the United Nations, Bolen invites us to reflect on a variety of topics including: the role of trees as archetypal and sacred symbols, what it means to be a "tree person" in this time in history, and how this might have to do with the next evolutionary step for humanity. Sprinkled with wisdom drawn from the Tao, Buddha's teachings, Jung, and Hildegard von Bingen's life, Like a Tree is a mystical and poetic book that inspires us to deepen our unique relationship to trees and take action in our own natural ways.


Audio CD (available from Open Heart Press)

Closing Keynote Address given by Jean at the 3rd International Women's Peace Conference in Dallas, Texas (2007) (supplies extremely limited)

Audio Cassette – Abridged Version (available from

In this profoundly moving audio, Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen explores what it means when serious illness brings one "close to the bone"--close to the soul's needs.

Audio Cassette (available from
Jean Shinoda Bolen, Isabel Allende, Alice Walker

Three eminent writers and strong women join in this once-in-a-lifetime dialogue about giving birth to life, to love, and to art. Share in this meeting as Alice Walker, Isabel Allendé, and Jean Shinoda Bolen unravel their lives from their books – and illustrate how creativity can kindle the feminine spirit.

Digital Download from Sounds True


Menopause as Initiation

Physician and Jungian analyst Jean Shinoda Bolen takes us to the horizon of our understanding about the special wisdom that comes to women after menopause in The Wise-Woman Archetype. Join the best-selling author of Goddesses in Everywoman as she plows ancient ground to uncover the roots of the sacred wise woman/crone archetype. Early societies, Bolen teaches, looked at menopause as a "withholding of the blood", not to make a child, as in youth, but to make wisdom. Bolen shows how women today can tap in to this powerful archetype and reclaim their natural wisdom and authority.

Audio Cassette available from
Menopause as Initiation

MP3 available from New Dimensions


Trees are our essential partners in life on this planet. Not only are they indispensable to our wellbeing, they are sacred. Bolen's thwarted efforts to save a magnificent Monterey Pine tree in her yard from those who wanted to have a better view moved her to look at the anatomy and physiology of trees as well as the archetypal and sacred symbols they represent. Bolen also makes the connection between the oppression of women and girls and the devastation of forests by man.

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