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Jean's Webinars & Virtual Events


Sunday Evening, January 10  | 6:00–7:30 p.m. ET

Keynote Presentation

“Transformation or Decline?
The Global Pandemic Crisis and Personal Second Half of Life Parallels”

Jean Shinoda Bolen

The second half of life is a prime concern of Jungian psychology. Individuals are shaped by family and cultural expectations; it is a liminal phase between "what was" and "what next?" An awareness of the passage of time makes real the potential time remaining. The coronavirus pandemic brought these issues to the forefront globally. When there are major life changes, losses and disruptions of life as usual, there is unrest in the psyche; depression and anxiety come to the surface. Whether personal or collectively, a crisis is a time of danger and opportunity.


In this presentation, Jean Shinoda Bolen will explore the questions: Are there symbols of transformation emerging? Will we go forward or regress? What about our creative and spiritual life and resources? Do we feel and heed what we may be called to do? The qualities that can see us through are "love, hope, perseverance, trust and gratitude."


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Wednesday, January 13, 2021 at 3 pm (EST)

For Members Only of the Association for the Study of Women & Mythology (ASWM)


“Like a Tree: How Trees, Women, and Tree People
Can Save the Planet”

with Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen

In this time of ecological and social upheaval, Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen returns us to timeless wisdom found in her book, “Like a Tree.” Gloria Steinem says of this poetic and inspirational book, “Like a Tree is the rare book that not only informs, but offers a larger consciousness of life itself.”  This remarkable book grew out of Jean’s practice of walking among tall trees and also mourning the loss of a Monterey pine that was cut down in her neighborhood. How many of us recognize that we are “tree people? Jean’s presentation covers the subject of trees from anatomy and physiology to trees as archetypal and sacred symbols, and issues a call to learn from and protect our environment. She speaks about deforestation, global warming, and overpopulation, as well as the work of individuals and organizations to save trees everywhere. Her presentation is a strong and positive call to ecological activism and spiritual reflection.

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MAY 15, 2020        


Past Webinars & Virtual Events

Heart Wisdom in the Coronavirus Crisis

Wednesday, May 6 at 1:30pm PST


During this crisis people need all the support they can get.

 Mango Press wants to share the wisdom of its authors.


"Wisdom from the Heart to get you through the Covid 19 Crisis" is a panel discussion which includes four authors who will share tips and practices for self-care, love, compassion, and connection.


The authors will also take questions from the audience.

The panel includes:


Stephen Post, author of  “God and Love on Route 80: The Hidden Mystery of Human Connectedness."

Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen, author of "Like a Tree: How Trees, Women, and Tree People
Can Save the Planet."

Kim Colegrove, author of "Mindfulness for Warriors: Empowering First Responders to Reduce Stress and Build Resilience."  

Sherry Richert Belul, author of “Say it Now: 33 Creative Ways to Say I Love You to the Most Important People in Your Life.” 

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Our Intrinsic Values and Gifts-The Goddess Archetype

Wednesday, April 22 AT 8:00-9:30 AM PST

V2020 Webinar with Dr. Carmen Boulter, Hosted by Brenda Guston 

Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of The Mother’s Day Proclamation by Julia Ward Howe

Topic: Our Intrinsic Values and Gifts-The Goddess Archetype

World renown experts on the goddess archetype Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD and Dr. Carmen Boulter discuss the Mother's Day Proclamation today; a declaration of compassion, strength and fortitude, that ignited the Suffragist movement 150 years ago.  Find out what it means to discover your "energetic Imprint" to better understand the Archetypal energy of the Feminine Goddess you may recognize in yourself!


 Saturday, April 25th – 11 am    

 Dick Dalton Radio Show  (Recorded)

Dawning of the Age of Equality



MAY 14-17, 2020        



Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D. – May 15, 2020 – 10am PT, 1pm EST

The Goddesses and Gods in Every One of Us


Jung Platform is excited to announce our first Jungian summit and you are invited.
Using Carl Jung’s process of psychological growth as foundation, this Summit will take you on a journey to explore and utilize methods that can help you create a more conscious, rich, full and meaningful life. One which is true to your unique essence.

Women's Perspective invites you to join us for a

Zoom Conversation on May 15 at 2:00 PM EDT


Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen and Claudette Werleigh 

with Justine Toms as Moderator


The conversation will focus on the pause we are in now which can be called a threshold, a doorway or liminal space. How might we use this time? What will evolve from it? How might each one of us be changed? Let's imagine together. As I watched Andrea Bocelli sing Amazing Grace.on Easter Sunday the camera panned the empty streets of Paris, London, Milan, and New York. I was stuck by a thought, "We are all walking blindly into a future we might imagine together." 


Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen, Author and Jungian Psychotherapist 

Claudette Werleigh, former Prime Minister of Haiti 

Justine Toms, Co-Founder and Host of New Dimensions Radio


June 5 - 6


Your One Wild and Precious Life:

Imagination, Activism, Creativity—Soul Work!


The premise of Jean’s Jungian and spiritual perspective begins with the certainty that it matters what we do with our “one wild and precious life,” a quote from the poet, Mary Oliver. Most of us have an innate sense that there is a purpose to life related to the idea that life is a soul journey. To do what we came to do and be who we were meant to be is not so easy; especially in the midst of unchosen circumstance. Vulnerability and loss are both mythic and deeply personal experiences, as is aging.  What now? Jung’s individuation, Campbell’s finding your personal myth, the hero or heroine’s journey, Persephone’s abduction into the underworld, Hecate at the crossroad, are archetypal patterns that can provide insights to support us on our journeys.  Imagination precedes change—psyche is activated by stories, role models, and dreams that touch soul. Passion and imagination precedes creativity, healing, activism on behalf of ourselves and others. In being true to what deeply matters to us, we become who we were meant to be.

Wednesday, June 15-19, 2020

Shift Network: Online Summit
Resilience and Renewal in Your Third Act:
Transform Fear and Claim Your Sovereignty
in Uncertain Times!

Jean Shinoda Bolen will explore:

"Circles, Crone Wisdom, Mother Earth, Artemis and the Corona Virus"

Wednesday, July 8  10AM-Noon PST

Feathered Pipe 45th Anniversary Fundraising Event


This event is VERY near and dear to my heart supportIng the sacred grounds of the @featheredpipe. It's a wonderful and diverse live happening NOW and ALL week… a fundraiser that honors its beloved founder India Supera who died peacefully last year, as it also covers expenses caused by the coronavirus shut down of the whole 2020 summer program. You can register for any of the events, many taught by the most notable Yoga teachers in America. Please be as generous as you can when registering for any of the events being offered or sign in free ... 🙏 .. ⁣and respond to the invitation to donate at the end of each event.  . 

September 21, 2020 9:00-10:30 AM

The General Congress of Women

The Inaugural Launch Event: International Day of Peace

An interactive exploration into how we organize for resilient &
mutually supportive solutions with 30 minute open

conversation to follow


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September 19, 2020 @ 1:15 pm

Coronavirus Pandemic is a Liminal Time

of Danger & Opportunity

Event organized by Condor Bianco International, a Chilean organization located in an ecological reservation (the website can be read in either English or Spanish)

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Jean's Panel Discussion is on

September 19, 2020 @ 10:33 am

The Shift Summit & Music Festival

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