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February 26-27, 2021
Jung Society of Utah

Lecture: Catching Fire: Imagination, Creativity, Activism: 

Workshop - Your One Wild and Precious Life

Catching Fire: Imagination, Creativity, Activism

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Imagination precedes change—the psyche is activated by stories, role models, and dreams that touch soul. Passion and imagination precede creativity or activism on behalf of ourselves and others. Fierce compassion says, “enough is enough!” Outrage in defense of what and who we love invites us to find the strength to rise up to save what we love, a precious part of ourselves or of our world. Loss, defeat, grief can also precede creativity or activism. The pandemic has brought us into liminal space and time—when we as individuals are between “what was,” and “what next?”  Will we have the courage to be creative and catch fire--or give up and give in to what numbs us? Jean is an activist and an author who speaks from experience.


Workshop - Your One Wild and Precious Life

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The premise of Jean Bolen’s Jungian and spiritual perspective begins with the certainty that it matters what we do with our “one wild and precious life,” a quote from the poet, Mary Oliver. Most of us have an innate sense that there is a purpose to life related to the idea that life is a soul journey. To do what we came to do and be who we were meant to be is not easy. Especially in the midst of unchosen circumstances which now includes a global pandemic. Vulnerability and loss are both mythic and deeply personal experiences--as is aging.  What now? Jung’s individuation, Campbell’s finding your personal myth, the hero or heroine’s journey, Persephone’s abduction into the underworld, Hecate at the crossroad, Hermes and Artemis are archetypal patterns that can provide insights to support us on this soul journey.  But, even more specific insights can come through dreams which can bring back into consciousness that which we forgot or suppressed. Will we learn from our dreams? Will we let intuition and synchronicity guide us? 

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March 3-7, 2021 Felicidad, Inspiración y Pasión Summit 
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March 6, 2021

Book Passage Bookstore  

  Conversation Between

Jean Shinoda Bolen and

Terry Tempest  Williams.

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March 21, 2021
General Conference of Women; Women and the Environment 

  Honored guests Jean and Clare Dubois (founder of Tree Sisters) 

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