Jean's Webinars & Virtual Events


April 14, 2021
9AM - 10:30AM (PT)

Learn what it means to be a "tree person" and explore ways trees can enhance your health and life.


Aligning with Earth Day, our theme for April is Celebrating The Gifts of Trees.


Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen returns to The Inside Edge to be our guide as we explore the dynamic nature of trees and how we humans are deeply connected to the trees. She will share insights from her newly revised book, Like A Tree, to open our minds and hearts to trees as critical allies for our health and relationships with the natural world.

Our unique and interactive format for this speaker forum session will include an interview with Jean by Diana Wentworth on the highlights of the gifts of trees, a breakout session discussion, Q & A and a raffle - you can win the book!


Expect to learn more about:

  • What it means to be a “tree person.”

  • Ways trees can be partners in our health.

  • The dynamic nature of trees built into their anatomy.

  • How trees link to human stories and their role as archetypal symbols.

  • Ways we can be advocates for forests and our forests.