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My website designer and archivist Carol Hansen Grey found this videotape and packaged it, it will be accessible through a Shift Network link to a hidden page on my website for a year. I place no dollar value on it. It is a professionally filmed videotape that was filmed in my home, a conversation with Kimber Kabell who is not seen but whose voice heard. It is short and will ring true for women in the second half of life. In the first half of life, girls and women try to be what others want her to be, to please, to be attractive, to fulfill what parents expect, and what the culture around her supports. In the second half of life, authenticity and individuation are the real issues, not pleasing others. 
This short video is about the principles that will support a woman to make life-shaping choices that are true for her and define what she does with her life. I ask three questions that only she can answer for herself. Only she can respond from what she deeply feels to be true for her. It’s an inner call to fulfill a spiritual assignment—to be who she was meant to be. It is short, to the point, and rings true for women —especially in the second half of life. 
I just reviewed this short video, and realized that what I have done with my life is a result of answering yes.  (every book I’ve written, becoming an M.D which led to becoming a psychiatrist and Jungian analyst, standing up for what mattered and ending up an activist.) 
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